Commercial radio media release:An advertisement for RACV Financial Services called “Disclaimer”, written by Paul Reardon and Julian Schreiber from Clemenger BBDO in Melbourne, has won the 2008 Gold Siren award for best radio ad of the year, as well as a Silver Siren for winner of the single advertisement category. It is the second year in a row that Paul Reardon and also Clemenger BBDO in Melbourne have won the Gold Siren.

The RACV ad for car loans, announced today as winner of the industry’s annual award for creative excellence in radio advertising, will be automatically entered into the Cannes Radio Lions to be held next month at the Cannes Advertising Festival. The ad plays humorously on the need for disclaimers in ads, with the majority of the 60 second ad being taken up with an argument between the man doing the disclaimer and the voiceover man.

The awards were judged by the Siren Council, comprising creative directors and producers from advertising agencies and studios from throughout Australia. Judge, Rem Bruijn from agency Make in Brisbane said: “The RACV ad was awarded the overall Gold Siren, not only because it turned radio advertising’s biggest negative into a positive, but also because it was thoroughly engaging and enjoyable to listen to. Beautifully written, cast, directed and performed.”

Writer Paul Reardon from Clemenger BBDO in Melbourne said: “It was purely circumstance, to do an ad for an RACV car loan, which unfortunately required almost 30 seconds of legal disclaimers, so it made sense for us to make such an overwhelming element of the ad the idea. Also disclaimers are a challenge every creative who writes radio has to face. How do we make them fit in and not sound like they’re undoing all the impact the ad had before all the legal jargon kicks in. It was great to write an ad where the ad and disclaimer literally had a fight.”

A series of ads for the National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (NAPCAN), which aims to prevent child abuse, called “Children See Children Do – Alcoholic/Football/Husband/Racist/Traffic” written by Justin Carew, Charlie Cook, Ed James and Simon Johnson from DDB in Sydney, won the campaign category and a Silver Siren Award.
Writer, Charlie Cook from DDB Sydney said the campaign goes where people are scared to go and confronts the issue of child abuse head on.
The other winner at today’s presentation included a Silver Siren Award for the 2008 craft category winner, awarded to studio, Sound Reservoir in Sydney, for an ad for Work Against Culpable Driving (WACD), a Melbourne-based support group which aims to help prevent road trauma, called “Police Radio”. The ad was produced by sound engineer, Paul Taylor and written by creative director, Luke Chess.
Judge, Brad Grisaffe of Audiobrien said: “The WACD spot captured what this category is all about: creative audio production. As a listener, you are made to think that you are accidentally overhearing a real police communication between Police Despatch and the scene of an accident. The "ear to detail" in creating this totally believable soundscape commands your attention and leaves you feeling uncomfortable. In my mind it was without pier amongst the other worthy entries. This is great use and understanding of the medium resulting in an engaging bit of radio.”

Chief executive officer of Commercial Radio Australia, Joan Warner said the standard of entries in the Siren Awards continues to rise each year: “The Siren Awards provide a fantastic opportunity for excellent Australian radio creative to be recognised both at home and again at Cannes, alongside the world’s best. Each year the Siren Awards continue to raise the bar in terms of creativity and originality and this year, the Awards received a record number of entries – over 570 – up nearly 90% on last year.”

This year’s Siren winner is the fourth in a row from an agency based in Melbourne. Last year’s winner was an ad for Snickers called “Hoedown”, written by Paul Reardon and Jonas Peterson from agency, Clemenger BBDO in Melbourne, which went on to win the Grand Prix Radio Lion at Cannes – the first Australian ad to do so.

The 2008 Gold Siren winner was announced today at a breakfast in Melbourne hosted by Nova’s top-rating, drive time show, “The Wrong Way Home” - Akmal Saleh, Cal Wilson and Ed Kavalee. The breakfast will be followed by a Masterclass featuring Australian television and radio writer and producer, Tim Pye as well as Australian screen writers, Jan Sardi and Craig Pearce. Sardi received an Academy Award nomination in 1997 for his screenplay for “Shine” and is known more recently for his work on the screenplay for the US film, “The Notebook.”

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List of 2008 Siren Award winners:
Siren Awards 2008 Single Category Winner (Gold Trophy)
Agency: Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne
Writer: Paul Reardon & Julian Schreiber
Client: RACV Financial Services
Commercial Title: “Disclaimer”

Siren Awards 2008 Single Category Winner (Silver Trophy)
Agency: Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne
Writer: Paul Reardon & Julian Schreiber
Client: RACV Financial Services
Commercial Title: “Disclaimer”

Siren Awards 2008 Campaign Category Winner (Silver Trophy)
Agency: DDB, Sydney
Writer: Justin Carew, Charlie Cook, Ed James and Simon Johnson
Client: NAPCAN
Campaign Title: “Children See Children Do - Alcoholic/ Football/ Husband/ Racist/ Traffic”

Siren Awards 2008 Craft Category Winner (Silver Trophy)
Agency: Sound Reservoir, Sydney
Sound Engineer: Paul Taylor
Creative Director: Luke Chess
Client: WACD - Working Against Culpable Driving
Campaign Title: “Police Radio”

About the Siren Awards
What are the Siren Awards? The Siren Awards are a national, annual advertising award, started in 2005, designed to encourage excellence and creativity in radio advertising.
How do they work? The award recognises excellence in radio creativity – and contains five rounds each year, plus a final call round. The annual Gold Siren winner is chosen from the winners and highly commended in each round and is judged by the Siren Creative Council, a group comprising leading creative directors from national advertising agencies, radio stations and production studios.
Who can enter and how? People writing radio ads from advertising agencies or radio stations. Entry is free via a dedicated website.
What are the categories? Radio Single, Radio Campaign (consisting of no less than three commercials) and the Craft Category.
Who judges the Award? The annual award is judged by the Siren Creative Council. The winner of each round during the year then judges the following round.
What are the prizes? Apart from recognition from winning the bi-monthly award, the ultimate winner for the year has a chance to win a trip for two to Cannes and be entered into the Cannes Radio Lions Awards. Other prizes include the Siren trophy as well as inclusion on a CD release of yearly winners to acknowledge achievement.