Helmes Media Solutions has announced their weekly motoring program Behind the Wheel will expand to a one hour offering.

General Manager of Helmes Media Solutions and host of Behind the Wheel Joel Helmes, says the show has been a hit with stations and listeners.

“I am just delighted with how the show has come together, we dipped our toe in the water with the half an hour version and quickly found two things, one there is more than enough interesting and relevant content and two half an hour just wasn’t enough time to give that content the coverage it deserved”.

Mr. Helmes says one major goal for the expanded program is even more listener interaction.

“We have had some great responses to our national feedback line but we really want motorists from across Australia to hit us with those questions which a lot of people really still don’t know the answer too”.

“I think it also makes for some really interesting radio”.

The expanded Behind the Wheel will be available free from Helmes Media Solutions from the week starting Monday the 24th of November.