Helmes Media have released two new short segment programs. First up is ‘Bare Essentials” a daily sex and relationship segment hosted by well known broadcaster Sandy Kaye.
Sandy presents ‘Bare Essentials” in a sophisticated and professional manner with some naughty fun thrown into the mix.
As with all of Helmes segments your listeners can interact and ask Sandy questions on our free call number.
“Bare Essentials” is offered on a three month contract for only $44 per week (including GST) and will be available from Monday the 8th of December.

“Feathers, Fur and Fins” a daily look at the world of pets.
As the name implies this new segment isn’t just restricted to dog and cat issues, but all family pets.
“Feathers, Fur and Fins” is complied and written by experienced pet journalist and breeder Sue Shoring and voiced by her husband Brisbane radio announcer Murray Shoring.

Your listeners can also ask questions on our feedback line. This is the pet show you have been looking for!

“Feathers, Fur and Fins” is offered on a six month contract in exchange for two 30 seconds commercials to be aired between 6am and 6pm Monday to Friday – alternatively you can purchase the segment for just $44 per week (including GST).

More info at Helmes Media [link=http://www.helmes.com.au]here[/link]