LAFM launches Monday with the 89.3 days of summer.
Backed with a heavy promotional and branding strategy including LAFM Tune Up Stations and Midday Mini Concerts at iconic Launceston locations for the first 2 weeks, where LAFM will provide music, lunch and a bunch of freebies.

The Grant Broadcasters owned 89.3 LAFM has undergone an amazing transformation over the last few months in readiness for the launch. Far more than throwing on a new logo, this launch is being backed with television, press, taxi backs, outdoor, direct mail, event ownership and a fresh sound.

From Monday 89.3 LAFM will provide local programming 24 hours per day 7 days per week.

The 2 weeks leading up to the launch has seen various parts of the brand released for public consumption and from a programming point of view listeners have been very vocal on the ‘Revamp Line’ as to how they want their new radio station to sound.

This programming initiative culminated in 5 different formats played out over 5 days, the listener feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and sometimes hilarious. Monday was classic hits, Tuesday was Hot country, Wednesday was Awesome 80’s day , Thursday was Hit Music day and Friday was a day of 70’s music.

Launceston has been waiting for commercial FM to arrive for some time and it’s finally here.

Check LAFM's new website…[link= ] [/link]and take a peek at their tvc and summer jingle.