The Fairfax Radio Network is pleased to announce the appointment of Tim McDermott as General Manager of 2UE.

Tim has worked in the radio industry for over 20 years has held a variety of senior executive positions.

Radio has always been my passion and working with an iconic station such as 2UE is both an honour and an amazing challenge to help return 2UE to its rightful place as one of Sydney’s leading radio stations in ratings and revenue.

Working for a major media organisation such as Fairfax will be very exciting and the synergies that exist between the various Fairfax media properties is something that I will be very keen to pursue on behalf of 2UE’s key MediaAgencies and clients.

Fairfax Radio Network General Manager, Graham Mott, sees the appointment of someone with such a strong sales background as vital to the continuing improvement of 2UE.

Tim’s experience and passion will help drive 2UE and add value to our network sales operation. Tim will commence on Monday 20 January 2009.