Austereo is launching the country’s first commercial digital station, which will focus on unearthing new music talent.

Austereo launched the station called Radar Radio at an event in Sydney.

The station will be available on the internet immediately, and to people who have digital receivers from next year - except in Darwin.

Austereo said it would have a heavy focus on Aussie acts and undiscovered artists.

Austereo chief executive Michael Anderson said it was “an incredibly exciting venture”.

“Not just for listeners, but for the hundreds of undiscovered bands in Australia yearning for airplay,” Mr Anderson said.

“Digital radio gives us the opportunity to have more tightly targeted brands, and Radar Radio really shows the potential of digital radio.”

Austereo, which owns popular stations like 2Day FM and Triple M, has had success with podcasting, but this goes a step further as it is the first commercial digital station.

Listeners will be able to see details of the artist as each song is being played.

The station won’t have any big name voices.

“This is probably the first commercial radio station in Australia that isn’t going to have marquee names like Kyle and Jackie O, or Myf Warhurst and Pete Helliar,” an Austereo statement said.

“We’ll be using voice talent from our own ranks and also some new voices to tell listeners on Radar Radio about the great songs they’re listening to and the artists behind them.”