3AW’s Derryn Hinch has slammed a Nova 100 breakfast radio competition which involved the former wife of Carl Williams, Roberta Williams who is a convicted drug trafficker, giving 10 listeners a tour of gangland murder sites. Nova breakfast presenters Dave Hughes and Kate Langbroek along with Williams and 10 listeners toured the murder sites in a stretched Hummer and topped the tour off with a visit to Paul Dimattina’s Society Restaurant.

Hinch spoke to Hughes on his drive program this afternoon and it soon became apparent that Hughes could see no wrong in the ethics of the ghoulishness of the competition. It is another example of certain FM breakfast radio programs catering to the lowest common denominator. Hinch opened the talk back lines after he interviewed Hughes and there was an overwhelming view of disgust on Nova 100’s behalf.

What is next? A Beatles style welcoming at Tullamarine for Tony Mokbel upon his extradition from Greece!