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Queen launches Andover Sound
From Radio Today. Posted May 26 2008, 9.09am
Northwest Hampshire's newest radio station has launched on 106.4 at 9am, bank holiday Monday. (more)

Weak pound forces Poles to consider future in UK
From Financial Times. Posted May 26 2008, 3.00am
A survey by Britain's largest Polish speaking radio station at the end of last year reported that almost 40 per cent of migrant Polish workers would seriously consider... (more)

Ashbourne gets its own
From Radio Today. Posted May 26 2008, 10.02am
High Peak Radio is extending their coverage of Derbyshire with the launch of Ashbourne Radio, a dedicated service broadcasting on 96.7FM. (more)

Adam Shaw: A good face for radio ... and not bad at it either
From The Independent. Posted May 26 2008, 12.00am
Maybe it's his bald pate, or his mildly rotund jaw, or the arched eyebrows that give him more than a passing resemblance to David Suchet, of Agatha Christie's Poirot fame. Either way, Adam Shaw has definitely got a great face for television. (more)

New radio station goes online, on air in Poland
From Media Network Weblog. Posted May 26 2008, 4.55pm
Today sees the first broadcasts of Radio Euro, which takes over from the now defunct Radio BiS. Radio Euro is the first fully multimedia radio station run by public broadcaster Polskie Radio. Polskie Radio Euro is to include more news services, including sports bulletins. (more)

Committee finds evidence of corruption at Radio Kuwait
From Media Network Weblog. Posted May 26 2008, 4.59pm
A committee formed by the Ministry of Information to investigate irregularities at Radio Kuwait has recommended that the case file should be referred to the Public Prosecution, reports Al-Jareedah daily. (more)