Watch out ladies, Merrick Watts, “Dools” (Scott Dooley) and “Marto” (Andrew Martin) will be going on the blokiest weekend around with 16 “manly” Nova listeners.

This week and next, Merrick, Dools & Ricki-Lee are giving listeners the chance to win a “Man Trip” away with the boys from the Nova breakfast team: Merrick, Dools and Nova’s sports reporter, Marto.
Eight winners and their mates will get to join the three boys on the man weekend filled with blokey activities: fishing on chartered boats, go-karting, aqua golf and wakeboarding, followed by lunch at Penrith Panthers and topping the weekend off with a private corporate box at the Sydney Football Stadium to see the Sydney Roosters take on the Canberra Raiders. After the footy the guys will be crashing out at the Novotel… in Manly!
So that the ladies aren’t missing out, Ricki-Lee will be taking the winners’ sheilas out to lunch far away from the male shenanigans.
To score an invite to the “Man Trip” Nova 969 listeners will need to prove that they’re more of a man than Ricki-Lee – by beating her in a Man Quiz. If the listener gets the question right before Ricki-Lee they will be deemed man enough to go along… get the answer wrong and all they’ll get is a stubby holder.

“Honestly this is a thinly veiled attempt at me getting a leave pass and using work as an excuse. It’s pathetic but it’s worth it. I can’t wait!” said Merrick Watts.

Andrew “Marto” Martin can also hardly believe his luck, “So let’s get this straight – there’s fishing, go-karting, golf and a night at the footy right? Well, I was meant to be looking after the kids but… I’m in baby.”