Every Music Director and Program Director from radio stations across Australia will be pleased to hear that THE BOOK is back in print!

After completing it’s final print run a number of years ago, the authors of THE BOOK have decided to dust off the old archives and update THE BOOK once again.

The 7th edition of THE BOOK has just been completed and contains full records of music on the Australian Charts from 1956 - 2005.

Information is listed in three cross-referenced sections:
* Chronological by Chart Entry
* Alphabetical by Artist
* Alphabetical by Song Title

Containing information spanning 50 years of music history of all Top 40 entries from 1956 to the end of 2005. This edition supercedes all previous editions, and has added biographical information.

THE BOOK is available for purchase for just $79.00 and you can order via the following link (order form) ORDER YOUR COPY NOW