Twitter, 2009's new avenue to air dirty linen has certainly swept the world by storm. Nova 100's Dave Hughes traded barbs with 2day fm breakfast head Kyle Sandilands when the two went head to head on Twitter. The insults starting flying yesterday when Sandilands took a shot at Rove McManus, Hughes' friend and co-star on Channel Ten. Read an axtract of what went on.

"At least rove doesn't claim to be australia's number one radio show on its twitter profile description when it isn't," Hughes tweeted.

Sandilands: "Rove cant brag being#1 coz he ain't..We Are!.R u still confused Kx."

Hughes: "You might be in Sydney but shows in other parts of oz have more listeners than u guys so you're not #1 so to say u r is dim."

Sandilands: "Ummm....we ARE #1 in every city i.e. Nationally. So check ur facts then eat my arse c*********!!! K."

Hughes: "Yuk. But well done on riding coattails of others then crowing like a deranged loon."

Sandilands: "Doesn't matter how u look at it. We r #1 national & #1 in our very own timeslot & the most competitive/important slot...breakfast."

Hughes: “Seriously well done on your national offpeak hour show that comes on after a show that rates skyhigh. U r the real hero."

Sandilands: "Ur show's a long way off #1.That can't feel nice.I am detecting a hint of jealousy in ur msg's.Oh well,keep counting those pennies."

Hughes: "Someone once told me 'if you're good you won't have to tell people, they'll tell you.' something in that for us all yeah?"