3AW's Rex Hunt avoided jail today but was placed on a 12-month community-based order after his stoush with a cyclist. The colourful radio personality and former VFL footballer was found guilty on Friday of recklessly causing injury. He was today sentenced to perform 100 hours unpaid community work, without conviction.
Rodney Andonopoulos suffered a broken finger when he was attacked by Hunt after they argued over a traffic incident on a busy Melbourne road last July.

Today, magistrate Peter Reardon placed Hunt on a 12-month community based order, without conviction.

He ordered the 3AW broadcaster perform 100 hours of community work.

"In my view, you should at your age be entitled to rely on your good character and not have a conviction imposed upon you," Mr Reardon said.

"All of us are prone to be fallible, prone to make mistakes and poor judgments. No doubt you have done this in this case."

Outside court, Hunt agreed with Mr Reardon's comment that he had let his family and fans down.