Media release: The Australian Communications and Media Authority has announced a number of variations to the licence area plan for radio in Innisfail. The revised licence area plan changes the transmitter site for a high power open narrowcasting service at Tully licensed to United Christian Broadcasters.

‘United Christian Broadcasters requested an alternative transmitter site because of problems launching its service at the previously identified location,’ said Giles Tanner, General Manager, ACMA’s Inputs to Industry Division.

The variation to the licence area plan adds capacity for two new transmitters – for the commercial services 4ZKZ in Tully and 4KZ in Babinda.

The changes also remove capacity for three transmitters for commercial services at Bramston Beach, Hinchinbrook and Murray Falls, at the request of the licensee, Coastal Broadcasters Pty Ltd.

‘The decision was made after the licensee indicated the transmitters were not required, as these areas are adequately served by other transmitters within the licence area,’ Mr Tanner said.

A minor variation was also made to the nominal transmitter site location for two national radio services, 4ABCRR and 4ABCRN, to improve quality and reach of reception. The location was varied by a total of less than 200 metres and changes were also made to the output radiation pattern, as previous patterns were incomplete.