Source and entire item Sunday Telegraph: Some of Sydney's most high-profile sports personalities are up to $100,000 out of pocket after the collapse of a privately owned radio show on 2SM.
Former rugby league stars Mark Geyer and Graeme Hughes, ex-jockey Malcolm Johnston, former rugby union star Brett Papworth and former Test cricketer Gavin Robertson are among a host of big names who have lost thousands of dollars.

The afternoon Talkin' Sport show was owned by Dallas Baker and Mike Nui, who bought the airtime from 2SM's Bill Caralis. The pair were declared bankrupt last week, leaving a trail of debts.

One of the stars, who asked not to be named, told us: "They've always been slow payers, but all of a sudden they're declared bankrupt and no-one has been paid.''

Caralis has taken over the running of the show but has given no guarantee about back-paying the money owed. A spokesman said: "It's not Bill that owes the money. He's actually owed money himself and will also be trying to recover the money by whatever ways possible. "He's considering his legal options.''

The tension at 2SM has also created a rift between two of the on-air personalities. Mark Warren, son of Channel Nine's Ray Warren, has left after a blazing row with Talkin' Sport host Graeme Hughes.

Warren hosted a popular boxing show with legendary trainer Johnny Lewis but was recently axed - and he's blaming Hughes for his demise. "I told him he was a low bloke because he's been knifing me to management,'' Warren told us.

Hughes offered: "In respect of Mark's issues, it has nothing to do with me or anyone else here.''