ACMA RELEASE: The Australian Communications and Media Authority has allocated a long-term community broadcasting licence in Geelong to the Geelong Ethnic Communities Council Inc (GECC). GECC, which has been operating a service known as 94.7 The Pulse under a temporary licence, will provide a long-term community broadcasting service on the 94.7 MHz FM frequency.

‘We feel this is a positive outcome for the Geelong community,’ said ACMA Chairman, Chris Chapman

‘GECC has provided a temporary community broadcasting service since 2004 and it is quite evident that GECC has benefited from this experience.’

GECC will use the 56 kW licence to provide a community broadcasting service to meet the general community interest in the Geelong RA1 licence area.

GECC was the only applicant for the long-term community broadcasting licence. There are already two long-term community broadcasting services available in Geelong: 3GPH serving the print handicapped community interest and 3GGR serving the Christian community interest.