3MP will relaunch as Melbourne Talk Radio MTR 1377. Program director Steve Price has hit the press with a clear message that he means business and what we are about to witness will possibly be the biggest shake up of Melbourne radio in close to twenty years. Don't confuse this with the more recent debacle that was Talk 1116 3AK, 3AW were always going to win that fight.

We need to take a step back to the late 1980's when Neil Mitchell took over 3AW drive and Price joined the station as his producer, the pair had previously been together at the Herald newspaper.

While Mitchell was to soon take over mornings from Derryn Hinch, Price became the 3AW Program Director and it was in this role that he had the uncanny ability to sniff what the Melbourne talk audience were looking for.

He helped play a major role in shaping the 3AW we know in its current form such as securing Ross Stevenson from a dying 3AK, installing a 2 hour daily sports show and hiring Mansfield and Brady to fill the evening slot.

Besides radio this battle no doubt will involve Melbourne's two daily newspapers, the Herald Sun and The Age. Fairfax owns The Age and 3AW while MTR 1377 is a joint venture between 2GB's Macquarie Radio Network and Pacific Star, owners of 1116 SEN and 3MP. It is plain to see what side of the fence the Herald Sun will take.