In a continuation of DMGʼs history of market-leading innovation, Nova will from March 22nd start offering access to a new advertising model allowing its clients the flexibility to choose between ad breaks of varying lengths.

DMG Radio CEO Cathy OʼConnor said today: “We have identified an opportunity to better support our clients and also grow our business by introducing more flexibility into our ad break structure. This will allow us to collaborate with advertisers and agencies in new ways.”

The new model sees Nova continue to offer a reduced clutter environment and maintain an inventory position of 40% less ads than its main competitors. The network will retain a commitment to short commercial breaks of two ads
in peak sessions while at the same time expanding the offering to other sized breaks across the week.

“This is an exciting next step in the evolution of the Nova brand,” Ms OʼConnor said.

“In addition to our new flexible ad policy, the Nova network will continue to invest in providing ground breaking creative solutions for advertisers, including the recent launch of a range of new and innovative online offerings.”