We wrote over 12 months ago that Jamie Dunn was only ever going to be one person on talkback radio, himself. Since joining 4BC breakfast at the start of last year Jamie has had to find his feet and he is the first one to admit it. 2010 has seen him start to carve out his niche and he seemed to be enjoying it more, well that is until this morning.

Jamie gave 4BC management an on air spray in relation to a quote that appeared in one of the newspapers. The paper quoted 4BC general manager David McDonald saying the star was "still learning talk radio".

"Jesus, you know, God I am offended," he told his listeners at the start of the show.

"Truly, what do you want from me? I swear I will be going into talks with management straight after this show today to get this ironed out and straightened out. Either you want me here or you don't. Make your friggin' point.

"I have had a gutful, so if you want me off, ring in now and get me off. I don't care."

He meet with David McDonald after the show and things seem to have now been smoothed out.