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Tim Ross, one half of the comedy duo Merrick and Rosso, doesn't care much for commercial radio music, which would hardly be newsworthy except that he hosts a prime-time slot on a station that can't get enough of the stuff. In an interview with the lads' mag FHM, Rosso unleashes an expletive-laden tirade on music for the masses. He also takes aim at his chatty sparring partner Merrick Watts: "He's like one of those teachers where you go, 'If we get him telling stories, we won't have to work.' He won't shut … up." On being called Rosso, he says it's the name he was given when he started doing stand-up. "I didn't plan on living my life as Rosso. I quite like 'Tim'." Rounding out the gripes, he slags off horny dogs and Dubbo: "I wouldn't recommend it."