2DAY FM breakfast radio presenter, Kyle Sandilands, has told The Sunday Telegraph that he wants to do a live variety show! "I want them to give me my own show like Rove McManus' the unflappable Sandilands announced as proud as punch.

Over the last 18 months the Kyle juggernaut has been gaining steam.

He is about to enter his third series of Australian Idol as a judge, he will tackle selected hosting duties for the forthcoming 2OO8 Big Brother and he told radio station 2DAY FM he had full intent of settling in the United States with his long time girlfriend Tamara Jaber.

Sandilands threatened to leave if they had a problem with the move to the States. He also told The Sunday Telegraph "I told them'' (station management) "just work it out or forget it. So now they have someone to cart around a satellite wherever I go.''

Where Sandilands needs to be careful is just as he comes to the top of the mountain, that the trip back down is not at lightening speed. Read the related article The Sunday Telegraph