Claims that entertainer Don Lane has advanced dementia have been denied by his manager Jayne Ambrose. Speaking in response to an announcement made by Don's close friend. 2UE's Chris Kearns, Ambrose said 'yes he's recently been moved to the care facility, however reports of his dementia given on 2UE are inaccurate.' Hear the 2UE announcement here.

Don Lane is best known for his work on the hugely successful Don Lane Show, which ran on the Nine Network from the mid 1970s until 1983

Although many think of television when you say the name Don Lane he has dabbled in radio over the years including stints at 3UZ, 2UE AND 3AK. Don was at 2UE in the mid 1980's in the days of the failed 3AK-2UE City Between Cities radio. Lane also did breakfast radio in the 1970's at 3UZ and shared a half radio hour spot with Bert Newton each day prior to Bert's 'UZ morning Show.

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