The Shooting Star Picture Company has announced record numbers in system activity for the Play MPE® digital delivery system worldwide compared to the same period last year. The commencement of trials of the Australian Play MPE® service with Australian Record labels Universal, EMI, Warner, Shock, Inertia and MGM have added to these figures as the system further cements itself as the worldwide industry standard for digital delivery and proving to be the preferred system of choice for broadcasters and record labels globally.

Play MPE® posted dramatic growth over 2007 and continues to lead the industry with the adoption of digital delivery. Record numbers across the board includes a 135% increase in downloads, streams, burns and exports totaling almost 6 million in activity. Users jumped over 52% to 21,476 installed and tracks in the system exploded to almost 87,000 representing an increase of 80% compared to June 2007.

Play MPE® has recently signed exclusive agreements with parent groups Universal Music Group and EMI Music Group in the U.S. and every other major label including Warner Music Group and SONY BMG are already using the Play MPE® system, solidifying Play MPE® as the only digital delivery system that can provide one central service for all major labels and all releases.

"Play MPE® continues to widen the gap over any other digital delivery system and sets the benchmark in the industry. Worldwide it has the highest adoptions, installations and activity therefore confirming it's place as the industry standard. This incredible growth proves that with the launch of Play MPE® in Australia this July we will locally come into step with the world’s leading digital delivery system," stated Shooting Star’s Peter Skillman.