An exhausted Brian McFadden says he's decided that presenting isn't for him after having to pull several all-nighters to manage his TV, radio and music commitments this week.

McFadden has been doing breakfast radio for the past two weeks, filling in on 2DAY FM with actor Michala Banas and Biggest Loser's Cosi.

He's also hosting the reality TV show Football Superstar on pay TV.

A couple of times this week, McFadden went straight from the TV show to shooting his music video for his latest single Twisted - then to his breakfast radio job.

"I've had to do that a couple of days this week, so I've had no sleep. It's been pretty tough, I'm exhausted," McFadden said.

After wrapping up his radio gig on Friday - McFadden says the job isn't for him.

"You have to pretty much change your life to do it," he said.

"You have to go to bed really early. I don't think I could manage a full time job on breakfast radio."

McFadden also says he doesn't plan to do more TV hosting.

"It's more about the football for me than the actual hosting."

"It's not my career, my career's music."