Nominations for the 2008 additions to the National Film and Sound Archive's 'Sounds of Australia' registry are now open with nominations closing on 1 April 2008 . It would be great to get at least one 'Sound' that relates to radio in the 2008 top ten. Can you think of any that are worthy? If so why not nominate them here

Criteria for selection include artistic excellence, historical relevance, technical or scientific achievement, and prominence in shaping Australia’s culture and identity. To be eligible for inclusion, sound recordings must have been made in Australia, or by Australians, and must be at least 20 years old.

The recordings added to NFSA’s Sounds of Australia in 2007 were and can be heard here.

1899 – Fanny Cochrane Smith’s recordings of Tasmanian Aboriginal songs
1910 – My South Polar Expedition, Ernest Shackleton
1937 – Dad and Dave from Snake Gully
1943 – The Majestic Fanfare (ABC radio news theme), Charles Williams
1950 – Maranoa Lullaby, Harold Blair
1950 – Corroboree by John Antill, performed by the ABC Sydney Symphony
Orchestra conducted by Eugene Goossens
1953 – Jack Luscombe recorded by John Meredith
1966 – Friday On My Mind, The Easybeats
1976 – (I’m) Stranded/No Time, The Saints
1983 – Jailanguru Pakarnu, The Warumpi Band