Radio Station Vega 91.5 breakfast co-host Ian 'Dicko' Dickson thought stand up was a pretty easy gig, so much so he put his money where his mouth is and did a 10 minute spot last week at at the Toorak Lion.

Dicko thought that would be the end of it, little did he know radio co-host Dave O'Neil was putting the plan in action to get Dicko a real gig! When Dave told Dicko he was going onto bigger and better things with a performance planned for Crown Dicko thought Dave was egging him on, however after getting a phone call from Crown Casino's Anne Peacock she confirmed the booking.

If you think you can make Dicko laugh, you have the chance to go to this one only event at the Palms at Crown on March 13th. For more details drop by Vega 91.5