The Australian Communications and Media Authority has cancelled the community radio broadcasting licence held by the Western Australian Aboriginal Media Association (Aboriginal Corporation) (WAAMA).

On 19 May 2006, ACMA found that the community radio service operated by WAAMA (6AR Perth) had breached its licence conditions. ACMA imposed additional conditions on WAAMA on 22 June 2006. One of the additional conditions required WAAMA to provide a compliance plan to ACMA by 31 July 2006, but WAAMA failed to meet this requirement by the due date.

WAAMA ceased broadcasting on 1 September 2006 and WAAMA's Chair, Mr Iva Hayward Jackson, indicated to ACMA that WAAMA would not be surrendering its licence.

As a result of WAAMA's continuing non-compliance, ACMA issued a written notice to WAAMA on 8 September 2006. WAAMA did not make representations to ACMA by the due date of 15 September 2006 on why ACMA should not suspend or cancel the licence.

'ACMA's decision to cancel the licence is not one that has been taken lightly,' said Chris Chapman, ACMA Chairman. 'We had worked very hard with WAAMA to ensure it reflected the listening needs of Perth's indigenous population. This included our imposing additional licence conditions.'

ACMA has not made any decision regarding the use of the frequency that has been freed up as a result of its decision and will consider this issue at a later date.

At that time, ACMA would remain conscious of continuing interest in an indigenous broadcasting service.