MACQUARIE Media Groupsays it has no intention of selling its nationwide network of radio stations.

MMG said Macquarie Regional Radioworks was not for sale, despite reports to the contrary.

“MMG advises that the Macquarie Regional Radioworks business has not been put up for sale, and there is no current intention to sell,” said the group.

MMG was late yesterday requested by the Australian Stock Exchange to respond to a media article citing a possible sale.

“MMG advises that it has not received any offer to buy Macquarie Regional Radioworks, nor has there been any decision to sell the business,” it said.

The report said MMG had put a sale price of $600 million on its 85 radio licences, which cover about 60 per cent of regional Australia.

The sale speculation was believed to have been prompted by new media laws and stricter requirements for regional radio stations to produce more local content, thereby preventing broadcasts from a network’s stations from outside local areas.

The industry’s major media players are in the process of positioning themselves ahead of the laws being introduced next year.