For some time now Moris Sztajer and Ian Grieve and a dedicated group of volunteers have been constructing the Encyclopaedia of Australian Radio Show Database. (Earsdb) The project is nothing short of mammoth and is an ongoing works. It mainly centre around The Golden Age of Australian Radio 1932 - 1962 .

EarsDB is a computer based database that lists Australian Radio Shows of the Golden Age and beyond. The aim is to list all Australian radio shows aired during the Golden Age of Australian Radio and beyond.

Better still it is now available for you to purchase and enjoy. As the project unfolds you will be given regular updates to all aspects of what is added to the data base. Imagine that being able to relive all those fantastic memories at the touch of a button.

Moris and Ian are constantly looking for contributions to this fantastic resource, who knows that old box of dear old Uncle Jack's in the garage might just have some information that has long been forgotten.

This article can’t do Earsdb the justice it deserves so we have provided a link to the website. This is something very special.  Drop in now and become part of the magic old time radio. VISIT THE EARSDBĂ‚ SITE