Sometime ago we briefly introduced our podcast quest where we provided a link to our featured podcast from a random radio station or one suggested by one of our visitors.

Radio stations providing a downloadable segment or program has now become the norm and if promoted correctly with easy access to potential listeners it is a win win.

Away from commercial radio there are tens of thousands of programs available for download across the net and many more pop up on a daily basis.

Melbourne based Hootville Commications founder Brett de hoedt has recently decided to wind up his podcast program. Brett’s show,The Anglican and the Atheist was born from a former life on commercial radio in Melbourne. With mixed emotions it has come to an end.

Brett spoke to Tattler about a few home truths on podcasting and we value what he had to say.

Brett adds We had listeners from Canada, UK and across Australia but in the hundreds to thousands, not hundreds of thousands.

Podding is a hard slog - it’s the equivalent of a traditional radio dial -
except that there are more than 40,000 other stations on the air at any one
time. It’s very hard to reach an audience without a pre-existing profile.

Also these are still early days for podding. A few I.T, sex and niche music
shows do OK but not mainstream shows without a pre-existing traditional
radio profile.

Brett believes  the two biggest problems with podding are:

1. The word “podding”. It still infers that one needs an iPod to listen to a
pod. Even smart people have said this to me.

2. Most podcasts are just awful. AWFUL.

For now Brett is off the air and he will continue to run his succesful Hootville Communications operation with plans to expand interstate.

You can download Brett’s final podcast via Hootville