The 2006 conference of the Australian Communications and Media Authority will kick off in Canberra in 50 days time. The 'ICE' conference ˜Information Communications Entertainment' will take place at the Hyatt Hotel on 23 and 24 November.

'The ICE theme is acknowledgment of the changing nature of the modern communications environment and the realities of convergence. It also reflects the fact that ACMA itself is a newly converged regulator, with responsibilities spanning telecommunications, broadcasting, radiocommunications and online content,' said Chris Chapman, ACMA Chairman.

Key speakers at the conference will include Richard Feasey, Public Policy Director of the Vodafone Group in the United Kingdom, and Graeme Samuel, Chairman of the Australian Communications and Consumer Commission.

Panel sessions will feature international presenters and expert participants from government, industry, special interest and advocacy groups, and will address the topics of: Digital Privacy; the Converged Business Model; Media Literacy; our Digital Future; Challenges for Regulatory Philosophies and Models; and the Home Entertainment Hub.

'With a great cast of speakers and panellists, the conference promises to be thought-provoking as well as highly entertaining. ICE will immerse you in the realities and future of the modern communications world,' said Mr Chapman.

The draft conference program, with details of confirmed speakers and expert panellists, and an online registration form are available on the ACMA website.  There are substantial discounts for those who register before 31 October 2006.