The licence for community broadcasting service 3CCC Bendigo will expire on 12 November 2006 after the licensee, Goldfields Community Radio Cooperative Ltd, failed to lodge its renewal application with Australian Communications Media Authority by the required date.

"This is most regrettable, but ACMA has no power to renew a community broadcasting licence where the application is lodged a considerable time after the required date" said Mr Chris Chapman, ACMA Chairman. In the case of 3CCC, ACMA received its application five months after the due date, despite almost 12 months of frequent reminders.

Applications to renew community broadcasting licences must be made, at the earliest, 12 months prior to the licence expiry, and at the latest, 26 weeks prior to the licence expiry unless ACMA notifies the licensee in writing to lodge the application at an earlier date.

"In order to avoid such a circumstance, all community radio licensees should clearly review the legislation applicable to them and, in particular, monitor the strict renewal date regime," said Mr Chapman.

Following numerous reminders and explanations of the consequences of non-lodgment, 3CCC finally lodged its renewal application on 13 October 2006.

ACMA has not yet decided on the long-term future use of the frequency used by 3CCC (89.5 MHz). This frequency may be made available for a temporary community broadcasting service while its future use is further considered. 3CCC can apply for a temporary community broadcasting licence to use the frequency in the meantime.