Press release Commercial Radio Australia

The commercial radio industry in Australia has committed around $1 million in airtime and research funding to underpin the findings for its latest advertising campaign, which will highlight the effectiveness of radio supporting an online campaign.

The industry will launch its latest series of ads next week as part of its ongoing multimillion dollar brand campaign. Called “Radio and Online – We Just Click!”, the campaign is based on research which shows that over 80 per cent of people who hear a radio commercial have visited that website as a result.

The research was conducted by TNS last year. It was commissioned to explore the relationship between radio and online following an earlier study which showed radio advertisements with a strong call to action increased website hits by 60 per cent.

Chief executive officer of Commercial Radio Australia, Joan Warner said radio and the internet work very effectively together. “Radio and the internet are both instant, conversational media that appeal to the connected generation, so there are clear benefits in using radio and online advertising in combination, as this research clearly shows,” Ms Warner said.

“Listening statistics show over two-thirds of commercial radio listeners are online daily and these listeners are using the internet to shop, research or download information – so the combination of using radio to promote an advertiser’s website makes very good sense.” (*Source: Nielsen Media Research Panorama Fused Metro Survey 9 (Nov 06 – Oct 07), All people 14+ unless otherwise stated.)   

Ms Warner said qualitative research had been done on radio and the internet as powerful media partners, but there were few case studies with defined results. “That is why a study of this type was critical and will be a powerful tool for advertisers and the radio industry.”

The on-air campaign was written by international award-winning director of Eardrum Australia, Ralph van Dijk and again features comedian Mark Mitchell talking with media experts, listeners and advertisers, in a humorous take about the effectiveness of radio at promoting an advertiser’s website. Listeners are encouraged to visit Mark’s website in the ads: – and see what happens.

Ralph van Dijk said: "As compelling as they are, the facts about radio and the internet won't be enough to draw our target listeners into the ad. With the running theme of '' the campaign serves as an entertaining 'product demonstration' as well. The ads generate a lot of positive feedback from listeners, so the opportunity to see the voice behind the campaign (Mark Mitchell) will give us an added dimension. All thanks to radio working with online."

The ads are the latest for the radio industry in its ongoing multi-million dollar radio brand campaign, which was first launched in June 2003. . Previous ads have included the world’s funniest man, John Cleese as well as spots highlighting the effectiveness of combining radio advertising with television as well as targeting niche markets. The most recent campaign highlighted radio’s ability to target audiences at specific times and locations across the day.
“Australian radio advertising is now being taken very seriously at an international creative level, particularly after winning the inaugural Cannes Radio Lions last year, and the industry’s own campaign reflects the great strength of good Australian radio ads,” Ms Warner said.
“Since its launch five years ago, the campaign along with other initiatives like the Siren Awards and improved education and training, has successfully contributed to helping radio grow its ad revenue at a steady rate, in what is a very competitive, cluttered media market.”
An industry-wide marketing campaign aimed at radio stations, media agencies and advertisers will be run in conjunction with the ads and includes brochures and downloadable podcasts with facts and figures from the TNS research. The ads will be aired over the next six months with up to four running in at a time in some periods.
The TNS research included several brands covering a number of different categories. It included test and control markets in major metropolitan markets, and aimed to show the effectiveness of commercial radio to encourage listeners to engage with the internet and directly respond to radio advertising campaigns. Key findings of the impact of the advertising activity included:
• over 80% of people who hear a radio commercial with a website address included have visited that website as a result

• radio advertising achieved an average of 30% recognition across five brands

• an iconic finance brand generated a 145% increase in page impressions on its website during the campaign

• visits to a the website of a finance brand, new to the market nationally, increased by 25% following the campaign

• an iconic home improvements brand generated 11% more visits to its webpage following the campaign period

“The research highlights the effectiveness of radio in driving audiences online which is a huge incentive for advertisers. It also highlights how radio and online advertising when used together assist in raising brand awareness and is a very cost-effective solution for many advertisers,” Ms Warner said.