Sydney Confidential has reported Academy Award-winner Daniel Day Lewis used the "F" word during a heated press conference exchange with the 2DAYFM Kyle and Jakie radio show's correspondent - soon after accepting his golden gong.The There Will Be Blood star was antagonised by radio reporter Michael "Sydney" O'Neill, who annoyed the serious actor with inquiries about how he relaxes.

Reports also suggest  Daniel Day Lewis referred to O'Neill as a simpleton. After several attempts at dismissing the repeated line of questioning, an explosive Day Lewis told O'Neill it was "none of your f . . .ing business" what he did in his downtime. Full report Courier Mail

One international reporter emailed radiorumours asking if O'Neill was purely there to take the piss out of people, judging by comments & his dress of jeans and a cowboy hat, furthermore he wondered if 2DAY FM had actually dragged O'Neill off the street for the gig.