Source and entire item is from The Australian 

MEDIA and advertising personality John Singleton is believed to be negotiating to buy radio station Star 104.5 FM on the NSW central coast. The move comes amid reports he plans to sell his majority stake in Macquarie Radio Network, which owns Sydney's 2GB and 2CH.

Mr Singleton's interest in Star is believed to be personal rather than on behalf of MRN. He has close ties to the area through football and real estate interests.

Star is owned by DMG Radio, operators of the Nova and Vega stations. DMG head Paul Thompson told Media: "We put the station quietly on the market late last year and approached a select number of people. Star is our group's only regional station and it is not part of our Nova or Vega sales or programming processes. Because it sits outside these structures we thought it may fit better with some other regionally focused groups.

"We negotiated with several parties, but none of these negotiations have so far been to our satisfaction, so we're now thinking that unless something changes we'll be happy to keep it."

Mr Thompson would not name the groups approached but it is believed they included Bill Caralis's Supernetwork, Prime Television and Mr Singleton.

Gosford is a three-station market and is one of the most competitive in the nation, receiving signals from Sydney's 10 commercial stations, as well as three from Newcastle.

Mr Singleton has made no secret of his interest in selling 2GB and 2CH. Reports in the market suggest Fairfax Media, new owner of 2UE, may be interested. A Fairfax spokesman said the company was not engaged in any negotiations with Mr Singleton, but it kept an eye on all market developments.

Any attempt to bring rivals 2GB and 2UE under single ownership would be likely to arouse interest from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

Mr Singleton did not return calls yesterday.

 Source and entire item is from The Australian