News networks from across Australia tonight are bedding down in Canberra for what will be one of the most historic days in Parliament house tomorrow when the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd makes an apology speech to  the Stolen Generation.

The term stolen generation refers to Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders who were removed from their families over varying periods of time. University of Sydney historian Peter Read coined the phrase in 1981. Morning radio from across the nation will be blanketed with live coverage from 8.55am Wednesday morning.

The ABC will cover the speech live on all of the mediums, SBS Radio’s Aboriginal program will feature live coverage from Parliament House. Faifax radio network is expected to air the speech live and will more than likely hold the 9.00am news over. 2GB and Fiveaa will provide indepth coverage. There will be varying coverage on the FM band, however more community stations are expected to take the feed live than commercial stations.