Survey one of the radio ratings has certainly caused some feathers to be ruffled in the Sydney market. Corks popped for 2GB last Tuesday as they celebrated their outright victory against the rest of the field.

By Wednesday morning the steam was streaming out of 2GB's Ray Hadley's head in response to a flippant remark by Mix 106.5's Sonia Kruger the previous evening on Seven's Today Tonight which described Alan Jones as 'Queen of breakfast radio'. Hadley's response of threatening  to put his hands around  Todd McKenney 'skinny little neck' inspired Sonia's co-host, Todd, to write a tongue in cheek response on their Mix 106.5 blog here . We believe that this got Ray Hadley even angrier!

However I am more worried about Vega breakfast man Tony Squires welfare after he quipped in The Sunday Telegraph about 2GB's Alan Jones Naturally, Mr Jones must be congratulated, or taken out, Underbelly-style. I can hardly wait for Hadley's come back on this comment or who knows will he take it a little further or accept it in the banter of how it was written. We have seven surveys left, will somebody grab the popcorn for survey two!