DMG radio have taken a 20% stake in the youth job website Hippo and believe it will be a perfect fit geared towards their NOVA listeners. Hippo’s potential is enormous and DMG want to be right amongst it as it continues to evolve.

Ironically founder of Hippo James Masini initially sought someone with a radio background to help with the launch of the project, that was after in 2006 being knocked back time and time again by potential investors. It was only when he made contact with owners of Boost Juice Jeff and Janine Allis in early 2007 that the pathway began to clear for James and Hippo.

Former Austereo radio man and Boost juice co founder Jeff Allis initially needed a little convincing although he could see more than potential when he came on board with some start up capital for the promising youth job website.

Allis had brought radio people into the Hippo fold with both former ARN boss Steve Smith the current CEO and former Austereo Program Director Sean Pickwell playing pivotal roles in Hippo's growth as the number one source for part time, seasonal and an overall portal for youth employment.

2008 and enter DMG who have released a press release here DMG PRESS RELEASE