With some radio presenters taking a mid-year break many listeners woke to find a different voice or two serving up breakfast radio. For some of the talent it is a chance to peddle their wares to see if they can get back on the circuit, while others who have been champing at the bit to get on air may find two weeks is all the listeners (and programmers) can take. Are best of highlights wearing thin? Heard any shockers that have forced you to change stations? Or are you happy with the fill in?

The pattern for many stations now is to have a regular fill in presenter for each program. Such is the case for Alan Jones at 2GB where Jason Morrison holds the fort or Denis Walter who slides into 3AW's Ernie Sigley program.

Something different this time around at 2UE, George Moore & Paul B. Kidd are filling in for Mike & Sandy on breakfast and Don Burke is in for Tim Webster on afternoons. Let us know who has popped up on the dial.